Smith and Sinclair Jewellers

Smith and Sinclair is a Jeweller and Pawnbroker in Murray St Perth city for over 30 years. In 2015 Michael Smith contacted Webscape Technology and decided to upgrade their website from a generic brochure-ware website to an ecommerce site, in order to sell the vast amounts of stock they have accumulated.

The sites new colours were derived from the sign out the front of the shop, opting for a bold blue background. The system was developed using OpenCart, and give them the ability to list and sell hundreds of products.

“I got Gavin to come in and design me a website back in 2016. Initially I just wanted something to showcase my shop, but he gave me a website where I could showcase my products too. I really love the system he set up.; he showed me how to use it and it was never too much trouble if I asked him for help after the site was done. Thanks a lot Gavin” – Michael Smith, Owner, Smith and Sinclair

Desktop Version

The desktop version of the web site.

Mobile Version

The Mobile version of the web site.